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Driftwood Magazine (May 2019)

St. Thomas University

A beat and a rhythm.

A sound that only I hear.

A distinctive pace to follow;

keeping my identity near.


It's my internal metronome

that governs my every step.

A beating drum of mine

uniquely displaying my depth.


My heartbeat's become my backbone.

My heart, its dwelling place.

A lifelong internal retreat

always bringing me back to base.


2018 Rising Stars (May 2018)

Appelley Publishing

Although our entry is randomly timed,

Randomly selected, randomly scattered;

Although our journey is often climbed,

Various terrains, both smooth and tattered;

Although our path is undefined,

Our focus steady, but drifting laggard;

Although our love life is far from plastered,

At times lonesome, at times enamored;

Bear in mind, though often battered,

Our lives are lived once, give them a reason to have mattered.

The Path

Wonder: Creative Writing Magazine (May 2018)

Belen Jesuit Preparatory School

Trying to find our way,

We travel through a field;

The path, at times in sight, 

At times, concealed;

This path intertwines with others,

Each goes its own route;

In the smooth parts, connecting,

In the rough parts, spaced out;

Some trials may stay connected,

Though they travel through knobbly terrain;

Those who venture here remain

To help, guide, and maintain;

Even if the rough path seems isolated,

In truth, we are never alone;

For The Lord walks with us on our road,

A road leading home.


Ateneo Literary Magazine (May 2017)

Belen Jesuit Preparatory School

Often in times of darkness,

Our instinct is to hide;

Often in times of darkness,

We see no light outside;

Surrounded by these shadows,

We are lost in the dark;

Surrounded by these shadows,

We forget to make our mark;

Our darkness serves to remind us;

Our darkness serves to reflect,

That the shadow is cast by a greater light,

That we mustn't forget.

The light has always been there,

This light will always be;

Although at times it may be blocked,

It shouldn't dominate a future for which we cannot foresee.

For every item is in the light,

A shadow lays upon the ground;

For every shadow you find yourself caught in,

Keep walking. Your light will soon be found.

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