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Meet The Author

The Man. The Myth. The Author.

Nathaniel Adam Muñoz is a Young Adult Sci-Fi Novelist, Poet, and YouTuber native to Miami, FL. In 2013, Nathaniel discovered his passion for writing after being given a writing assignment to write a short story for his Language Arts class. He continued advancing his writing skills through the writing of poems and short stories. Now, Nathaniel is a YA Sci-Fi Novelist and Poet. On February 1, 2019, he founded the Muñoz Publishing House. Shortly after, his debut novel, Elvort, released on June 4, 2019. 

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The Servant Leader

When not reading or writing, Nathaniel dedicates the remainder of his time to his studies as an English major, singing, and being a servant leader in Catholic youth ministry on his university campus. He aims to spread the messages that "Faith is all about relationship!" and that“God loves you as you are, nothing more nor less!" 

In addition, Nathaniel has dedicated a significant portion of his time working with the Missionaries of Charity and their homeless-feeding ministry. With the cooperation of Metz Culinary Dining, Nathaniel has helped spearhead the "Love Over Leftovers" project that donates all leftovers from the on-campus dining locations of St. Thomas University to the homeless.


The CEO & Founder

The Muñoz Publishing House was founded on February 1, 2019, by Nathaniel Muñoz. At the age of 19, Nathaniel Muñoz was determined to play his part in saving the literary world by utilizing contemporary methods for publication under the security and comfort of a traditional publishing company. Within six months, the Muñoz Publishing House published its debut novel, Elvort. Since then, the Muñoz Publishing House holds true to its mission and seeks to inspire fellow aspiring writers by simplifying the process for which one can get their manuscript published. 

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